Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Download Pocket Trains in Itunes and Read the Tutorial

Today I have another phone and iPod game for you the name the game is pocket trains  if you know the studio nimble bit they have released an eight-hour they've released pocket planes as well as their most recent nimble quest game all fantastic game.

So I thought I would take a look at this and now see what it is basically the same concept as the Tiny Tower and pocket playing games it is a fermium game in which its all time gated in which your collecting trains in train tracks in you trying to deliver different jobs and materials and what not to gain levels as well as Collins and I'm going to go ahead and dive into it now so the basic menu here you have a map as you see here and you have specific trains that are all color-coded and color-coded trains can go to specific cities.

So as you see here I have connected multitude of cities together Viet different trains so in order to complete jobs are you have to do is going out to the lower left hand corner there where you see jobs and click on that and that'll show you the available jobs for that specific train.  so as you see there that red blinking I icon there on the map that is the specific train I have selected it is currently in Paris and I have two cities that are connected to it or this train specifically I have one which is London as you see there I do not have any jobs going to London on this Pacific train

So I will just click on London there and then click the green depart button to have him on his way hopefully I'll have some jobs when he gets there if I click the a row in the upper right hand corner there will take me to another one of my trains.  I will click on the job option again and see if I have any available here. so this what I can go to Milan or Rome so I'm going to go ahead in look and see what I have available and I do have one going to Milan  so I select the job over on the right hand side select.

Milan on the map in then click depart now I will tell you this you can add carts to your trains you can add train parks to make your train faster to give it more fuel and to make it go further so you can upgrade and downgrade your specific trains.  I'm going to go ahead and go to one more train here and see if I have a job available so as you see there this one could go to Milan for Berlin so I'm going to look up here and see not what I have available as you see here mall on here it shows you five times and then what the cargo is so I have up to carts on this Pacific train so I can select to have those jobs and if it is green that means that I can send it if one of them is read that means that I cannot carry that much freight.  So many go ahead and does that in then select Milan and then go to depart just like so.

Now if you look here are when I go to another one you may see up where there maybe the different type of currencies.  Now there are two types of currencies into this game I'm going to go to the menu here and show you that.  the two types a currency is just like the other games if you go to the shop here you have the Bucks in the you have the Coins now, the bucks  you do accumulate but at a lot slower pace than you do the courts now the Coins you can up you know accumulate a little quicker than the bucks.

 I said but you can accumulate the boxing you can transfer bucks to Colleen's by going to the bank you're like so and then go ahead and transfer five bucks to you know coins in exchange that whatever the exchange rate is that day now if we go back to the menu on my show you something a little different about this game if you go to the crafting section here like you see here I can go ahead and open what they call crates or I can on Craig the specific crates there are two types of crates here there are the special crates in there are the normal crates over here on the right .

So if I had great a special crate in that cost 10 bucks it says I have found a carbon steamer part now in four to craft new engines or new fuel engines in the game.  you actually have to go and put those together so it order to do that actually have to go back to my menu okay and then I go up to new railroad okay.

 So as you see here I have enough parts to create a Bluebell steamer engine I can click on that in for eleven thousand coins I can create that obviously. I don't have that right now so I'm not going to do that but that's how you accumulate more trains differ trains and what not all done through the crafting system there with in the game .

Now as I said earlier you can click on the train there added engine you can add a few core you can change the color love that specific train so again you can go to the map you can access all other cities there now in order to access new cities what you have to do is you have to actually purchase that rail. so you can click on a own railway here and they all say do you want to build a track from London to glass gal for coins I can build that track with mike wants if I want to like so in now.  I have expanded my railroad network now in or to run a train on that specific railway. 

I actually have to click on that railway again or that destination and then I can purchase it just like so key. guys the name up the game again is pocket trains it’s a lot of fun there's more intricate stuff within the game such as vans that pop up each day that you can complete to gain more bucks and coins there a license is here that you can get as you expand your up steam engines out to different countries and continents such as North America, Asia Africa, South America and why not all that's done within the game it’s a lot of fun go check it out on the App Store it is free but as

Pocket Trains can be download from Itunes  which your are requires to have an itunes money.   You may as well use iTunes Gift Card Code Generator.

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